Palio delle Antiche repubbliche Marinare Italiane

Amalfi (SA)

Amalfi the offshore regatta


Sunday, 26 April 1002: horns and trumpets blaring, drums rolling, bells ringing, oriental rugs, damask and silk drapes hanging from the arched windows of the clusters of white houses clinging to the steep sides of the hills sloping towards the blue Amalfi sea.

It is a feast day in the capital of the coastal duchy: Sergius, the eldest son of Duke John I and ducissa Regale, is wedding Maria, the daughter of the Lombard Prince of Capua and Benevento. The
wedding couple is flanked by knights and ladies of the ducal court. A long procession, revisited by scenographer Roberto Scielzo, parades through the streets of the city.
It is led by the stern-looking old magnificentissimus dux Manso I, grandfather of the groom, followed by the judges in his court, the sea consul, the consuls of the Republic back for the occasion from the virtual overseas colonies, the standard-bearer carrying the banner of the republic, surrounded by attendants, the colour sergeants carrying the red flag in memory of the Roman origins of Amalfi, the knights


Rowers - Galeone

  • Vincenzo Di PalmaHelmsman
  • Lucibello Luigi
  • Andrea Maestrale
  • Fabio Infimo
  • Monfrecola Salvatore
  • Leonardo Apuzzo
  • Nunzio Di Colandra
  • Alberto Bellogrado
  • Luigi Proto
  • Riccardo De Riso
  • Giovanni Bottone

Technical staff

  • Giuseppe Ingenitodirettore tecnico
  • Angelo Ingenitostaff tecnico
  • Michele Laudanostaff tecnico
  • Michele De Risostaff tecnico
  • Giovanni Spadastaff tecnico
  • Scientific director of cultural activities
  • prof. Giuseppe Gargano
  • Costume Parade Staff
  • Sigismondo Nastri costume designer
  • Raffaella Gambardella
  • Maria Nolli


  • Daniele Milano President
  • Geppino Afeltra Vice President
  • Giovanni Lucibello Vice President
  • Carmen Florio Councilor
  • Antonio Pansa Councilor
  • Salvatore Anastasio Councilor
  • Valerio Amuro Councilor
  • Vincenzo Calaudi Councilor
  • Riccardo Buonsostegni Councilor
  • Ilaria Cirillo Secretary
  • Emiliano Lombardo Treasurer
  • Andrea Cretella Superintendent