Palio delle Antiche repubbliche Marinare Italiane


The historical parade in Venice

A fascinating Queen

When the queen of Cyprus, Catherine Cornaro, succeeded her husband James of Lusignan in 1489, she bestowed the rich and fertile island upon the Repubblica Serenissima that welcome her with full honours and proclaimed her the “Favourite daughter of Venice”.

The lagoon city wants to celebrate just this historical event in its procession, reviving the triumphant welcome Catherine Cornaro received when first setting foot in Venice. The parade begins with two noblemen escorting Venice’s banner followed by six trumpeters and four drummers.

Then a second group marches past: eight noblemen, each carrying one of the flags of St. Mark’s used in processions and “cortèges” since 1177 when Pope Alexander III gave them to Venice as a sign of its acknowledged power and authority. The ten Senators of the Serenissima Signoria and a page carrying the Serenissimo Doge’s unofficial hat upon a red velvet cushion come next and precede the Doge himself, wearing a tunic with an ample red and gold cloak and the historic “Corno ducale” (a ceremonial headdress). Two foot-men follow him carrying his mantle and rapier holder. Four oriental ambassadors (Syrian, Persian, Egyptian and Turkish) and eight handmaidens escort Catherine Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, who sits on a sedan-chair held up by eight Moorish slaves. The Cyprian delegation of six men march alongside the sovereign who willingly gave up her reign.

The procession ends with a “Capitano de Mar” (Captain of the sea) commanding a platoon of armed  Schiavoni” (Sclavonians).

Technical staff

  • Mauro SerenaTechnical manager
  • Enrico De FinaCoach
  • Fabio BarbieratoCostumer

City of Venice Committee

for the Regatta of the AncientMaritime Republics challenge

  • Luigi BrugnaroPrimo Magistrato
  • Giovanni GiustoPresident
  • Stefano ZabottoSuperintendent
  • Gianfranco VianelloVice Superintendent
  • Fabrizio D’OriaSegretary
  • Piero Rosa SalvaCouncilor
  • Stefano PillininiCouncilor
  • Marco AgostiniCouncilor
  • Romano PompeoCouncilor
  • Giuseppe FedaltoCouncilor
  • Rossano GaltarossaCouncilor
  • Manuele MedoroCouncilor

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